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Committee Letters

What is a Committee Letter?

The WVU Pre-Health Office and WVU Pre-Health Committee prepares Committee Letters of Evaluation for students who are applying to health professional schools, including medical (allopathic or osteopathic), dental, optometry, and podiatry schools. Research your professional programs to determine if a Committee Letter of Evaluation is preferred or required. Although most professional programs do not require a Committee Letter, it is highly recommended for some. Therefore, obtaining a Committee Letter remains optional for the student. 

The Committee Letter process at WVU consists of completing an application, obtaining individual letter of recommendation, and participating in a Pre-Health Committee interview. The WVU Pre-Health office submits the committee letter with the supporting individual letters of reference appended.

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Use the links below to download the instructions and required documents:

Committee Letter Request Checklist
Committee Letter Request Instructions
FERPA Waiver
WVU Pre-Health Committee Letter Application Form

Steps for obtaining a WVU Pre-Health Committee Letter

  1. Attend an Information Session to learn all about the process (this is optional, but highly recommended)
  2. Read instructions for the 2017 Committee Letter Process
  3. Submit a FERPA Waiver
    1. Send to:
  4. Complete the Committee Letter Application Offline
  5. Complete the online Committee Letter Application
  6. Request Individual Letters of Evaluation
  7. Confirm Individual Letters of Evaluation have been submitted
    1. Confirmation emails are automatically sent to you when individual letters have been submitted to the Pre-health Office. You must follow-up with your letter writers, if you have not received confirmation
  8. Schedule interview with Pre-Health Committee
    1. We will reach out to you within 2 weeks of of submitting your online application.
  9. Submit required Application Service information to Pre-Health Office
    1. Send information to:

Advisors Toolkit

If you are an academic advisor to a student interested in pursuing a healthcare profession, this toolkit is here to assist you in answering questions and getting them on the right track.

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