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Letter Writer Toolbox

Tips for writing a letter of evaluation

Check out the document below for guidance on writing letters. The document is written specifically for medical students. However, the same general principles can be applied to all health professions.

Additional considerations:

  • Faint praise can be harmful to the applicant. Therefore, if you are not comfortable writing the letter, respectfully decline.
  • Typically, admissions committees require the letter be dated, signed, and on official letterhead.
  • Please be certain to spell the student's name correctly and provide the student's full name within the first paragraph of the letter. Use the appropriate gender pronoun throughout the letter for the student.
  • Please note for which health professional school (e.g. medical, dental, optometry, etc.) that the student is applying and make sure you have indicated it correctly within the letter.

Advisors Toolkit

If you are an academic advisor to a student interested in pursuing a healthcare profession, this toolkit is here to assist you in answering questions and getting them on the right track.

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