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Advisors Toolkit

These resources are compiled with the primary academic advisor in mind. Please use this page as resource to help you assist your pre-health advisees. 

How to become a competitive applicant

Encourage your advisees to explore this website, attend seminars, participate in workshops, and subscribe to our newsletter. Through this website and programs put on by the Pre-Health Professional Development Office, students will learn how to become a competitive applicant, develop a plan to build their credentials, and learn about opportunities to execute that plan.

Timeline for preparation

This timeline gives details on when students should be completing academic and extra-curricular activities to become a competitive applicant. 

Application guidance

Use the timeline to help students understand when they should prepare their application materials. 
The application guides on this website provide students with information on the application services that process applications for their program of interest. 

Prerequisite courses

Prerequisites vary by school and program. In addition, students should be advised to take classes that will help them prepare for their entrance exam (e.g. DAT, MCAT, etc.). Advise your students to explore the websites of programs that interest them to learn what courses are required. If they don't know what specific program they want to attend yet, have them look at institutions that will grant them in-state tuition (either through residency or contract) to get started.

Committee Letter

We offer a committee letter to current students (undergraduate and graduate) and alumni. The purpose of the committee letter is to provide a substantiative evaluation of students in a consistent format. The committee letter is often preferred by medical  (allopathic and osteopathic), dental , optometry, and podiatry schools. However, students are highly encouraged to research their programs of interest to learn if their specific programs have a preference. 

The committee letter process begins in the spring semester the year before the student plans to matriculate. They will need to submit an application, request individual letters, and interview with committee members. We then prepare a letter that summarizes the application they submitted, their interview with committee, and the individual letters. We send this committee letter with the individual letters appended to the programs on behalf of the student. 
More information about the committee letter including instructions and deadlines can be found here

Letter Writer Resources

Visit our Letter Writer Toolbox for tips and resources on preparing letters of evaluation.

GPA Calculator

We have created a GPA calculator to help students determine their GPA as calculated by common application services. Students should use this tool to determine their competitiveness for various programs and to help determine how performance in future classes will affect their GPA. 

The calculator is a downloadable file with editable regions that can be saved and updated throughout a students Pre-Health career. 

Download instructions for the GPA calculator

Download the GPA calculator

Please feel free to contact the Pre-Health Office with questions or suggestions at

Advisors Toolkit

If you are an academic advisor to a student interested in pursuing a healthcare profession, this toolkit is here to assist you in answering questions and getting them on the right track.

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