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GPA Calculator

What is my Science or BCPM GPA?

When applying to health professional school, you will submit your application through an application service. This application service will, among other things, review your transcripts and standardize your GPA using their grade-point conversion scale, which is different from WVU's scale. 

We have created a GPA calculator to help students determine their GPA as calculated by common application services. Students should use this tool to determine their competitiveness for various programs and to help determine how performance in future classes will affect their GPA. 

The calculator is a downloadable file with editable regions that you can save and update throughout your Pre-Health career. 

Directions for GPA Calculator General

Download the GPA calculator

How to use the GPA calculator

  1. Open unofficial transcript in STAR. Don't use DegreeWorks.
  2. Choose the appropriate worksheet using the bottom tabs to select the application service you would like to simulate your GPA calculation:
      1. AACOMAS: Osteopathic medical school application service
      2. AADSAS: Dental school application service
      3. AMCAS: Allopathic medical school application service
      4. CASPA: Physician assistant program application service
      5. PharmCAS: Pharmacy school application service
      6. PTCAS: Physical therapy program application service
      7. VMCAS: Veterinary medical colleges application service
  3. In column A, enter the course number. This is for your record and does not affect the calculations.
  4. In column B, enter the course title. This is for your record and does not affect the calculations.
  5. In column C, select your class rank when you took the class from the dropdown menu. 
  6. In column D, enter the final grade you received exactly as it appears on your transcript. Be sure to enter "+" or "-" if it is listed on your transcript. 
      1. EXCEPT AP course, do not enter grade.
  7. In column E, enter the number of credit hours for the class.
      1. Leave blank if you entered "W" or "P" in column D
      2. Leave blank if an AP class course.
  8. In column F, select "yes" from the dropdown menu if the class should be incorporated into a Science or BCPM GPA. Follow the links below to determine which courses each application service will include in your Science or BCPM GPA. 
      1. AACOMAS
      2. AADSAS
      3. AMCAS
      4. CASPA - Alternatively, you can use this column to select school specific prerequiste classes to calculate your prerequisite GPA for each program
      5. PharmCAS - Alternatively, you can use this column to select school specific prerequiste classes to calculate your prerequisite GPA for each program
      6. PTCAS - Alternatively, you can use this column to select school specific prerequiste classes to calculate your prerequisite GPA for each program
      7. VMCAS
  9. In column G, select "yes" from the dropdown menu if the class was based on a quarter system (uncommon). If the class was taken at WVU, it was not based on a quarter system.
  10. You do not need to change any cells that are grayed out.
  11. The GPA chart to the right and the associated "Trends" worksheets will update automatically with each entry. Note that these are an approximation of your GPA as calculated by the application services.

Tips for using the GPA calculator

  • Use STAR to access you unofficial transcript to enter grades into the GPA calculator.
  • Determining which classes are to be classified as a science course can be tricky. When in doubt, calculate your GPA with ("yes" in column F) and without this class designated as a science course. Our office does not have a comprehensive list of WVU courses that are designated as science by each application service. 
  • Use the calculator to determine how future courses will affect your science or BCPM GPA. We recommend testing best and worst case scenarios. 

Advisors Toolkit

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